Clean grindstones properly - how it works

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Clean grindstones properly - how it works

make sharp kitchen knife itself

Clean grinding stones after each use

  • Grindstones can be used with water or oil. If you choose with water for grinding, you should avoid contact with oil. This can penetrate into the pores of the stone, so it no longer grinds properly.
  • Oil as a carrier can be removed with a rubber grindstone when you notice that he no longer sharpens the knife properly. Otherwise the grinding stones clean after each use with a soft cloth.
  • Grinding your knife dry or with water, to rinse the stone after each use under running water and then let it air dry enough.
  • When cleaning the grindstones no sharp household cleaners or detergents, which may damage the stone too much.

Handler uneven stones from time to time

  • When grinding stones have become uneven by repeated sharpening, you must train. Here are several ways to pave the stone.
  • You can grindstone for example with a second stone, having the same grain size, smooth. Rub the grindstones here with plenty of water in a circular motion to each other.
  • Or put a damp wet sandpaper on a glass plate so that it sucks at this, and rub the stone with plenty of water plan in a circular motion. For rough stones a sandpaper with grain size from 80 to 100 is suitable for fine grinding stones 150 to 200.
  • However, there are also special Abritzsteine ​​or Abrichtblöcke with which you can train grindstones.
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