Clean ink pens

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Clean ink pens

Calligraphy - here Practice makes perfect.

Cleaning the ink pens with indelible ink

  1. Take a shallow container and fill it with lukewarm water. Enter a splash Spüli - or even better washing soap - added. In detergents there is a danger that they contain fat-restoring substances or fragrance oils. This damages the springs and spring retainers.
  2. Insert the ink pens and fountain pen for about 5-6 days to clean in the bathroom.
  3. Then dissolve individual parts of the ink. With a soft cloth you can remove them from the spring.
  4. Let dry the spring well. Gently wipe dry, then your tool is ready for use again.
  5. Dirty Gold springs simply clean with a damp Silberputztuch.

Instead core soap or detergent, there is also a surfactant with a neutral pH to buy. This is for use by instructions.

Cleaning with an ultrasound device.

  1. Here you should look for when buying on good quality. Suitable devices are opticians use such. As this in laboratories.
  2. Put some lukewarm water in the ultrasound device.
  3. Put into the grips with converter and switch on the device.
  4. Within a minute, the ink dissolves in the form of small clouds.
  5. Then you can use your ink pens again, it interfere with any old paint residue more.

In the unlikely fail all attempts and you get your ink pens not clean, you're looking at a specialty shop. There, they are sent in for repair or cleaning.

Principle, all springs - whether for ink or ink - every 14 days to be cleaned. After each use, the springs should be carefully wiped off with a soft cloth, so keep this for a long time.

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