Clean Old painting from dust - Here's how

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Clean Old painting from dust - Here's how

Old paintings are cleaned gently.

To liberate old paintings of dust

Depending Gemäldeart you can do differently.

  • Cleaning with a shaving almost always works. Test on an inconspicuous area if a careful cleaning so that is possible.
  • Then proceed with the shaving brush or a soft baby brush over the painting and clean it from dust.
  • If the old painting is not sensitive, you can also anpusten with a hair dryer on the lowest level and free from dust. Be careful with heat-sensitive oil paintings. Test here carefully and possibly get the cold air function of the heat gun.
  • The framework of the old painting can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Use for the furniture brush your device.

Clean gently as possible

  • From cleaning with water is not to be recommended. If at all, then use a soft sponge with soapy water and wet the sponge only minimally, to clean the old paintings.
  • Avoid "scrubbing", the effect of depressing color.
  • With old oil paintings you can create with linseed the protective film of the image again. Let dry thoroughly after cleaning the painting and then wipe with a lint-free cloth which you have soaked in linseed oil, about the painting. So your painting has been restored to its former glory.
  • Is the painting glazed, then clean the glass carefully with soapy water and polish dry after.
  • Always make sure that the old paintings will not wet and not scratched.
  • Clean old paintings as possible "hanging". So nothing gets broken.
  • Do you want to store old paintings, then wrap the image with clean bedsheets. Store old paintings possible edgewise and in a dry, light-protected space.
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