Clean Oral-B Brush - so you clean electric toothbrushes

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Clean Oral-B Brush - so you clean electric toothbrushes

clean the toothbrush with the nail brush

Maintaining Oral-B toothbrushes

There are numerous ways on how to remove deposits of electric toothbrushes. You do this only a few minutes.

  • Take vinegar and add a few drops on a cotton pad. Rub now a the handles of the Oral-B toothbrush and deposits on the charging station. Let the vinegar for a few minutes and then rub with a nail brush under running water from the deposits.
  • Alternatively, you can clean the brush with a little dishwashing liquid.
  • Some users of these Oral-B toothbrushes also report very good results when they clean them with bathroom cleaner. Use chemical cleaners to rid your electric toothbrush from dirt, make sure that you thoroughly rinse before use with running water. To avoid that the detergent irritate your oral mucosa.
  • It is possible also that you clean the brush once a week with braces cleaner. Proceed according to the instructions of the cleaner before, let the brush to act and rinse it off.

Advantages of electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes like Oral-B or Panasonic are apparently not in vain more popular. They have many advantages but also some disadvantages.

  • Since you hardly have to move your arms while brushing your teeth with them, electric toothbrushes are also suitable to be used by elderly or physically restricted people and infants.
  • Correct and applied long enough cleaning power of this brush is also stronger than that of conventional toothbrushes.
  • Also substances such as red wine and coffee, which can lead to discoloration of the teeth, may be better to remove the electric variant.
  • However, electrical equipment by Oral-B, Panasonic, Phillips or Carrera to purchase a lot more expensive than manual toothbrushes. Also new brush heads, which should be replaced every six weeks, are more expensive.
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