Clean oriental rugs itself - so it'll work

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Clean oriental rugs itself - so it'll work

To bring oriental rugs to lamps. Karl-Heinz Liebisch / Pixelio

make Oriental rugs regularly clean

Daily cleaning and removing stains, you can take yourself. Once a year, however, the carpet should be thoroughly washed, wash it, but you should only take if you can seek advice from a carpet dealer in advance.

  • Do not apply any home remedies, such as vinegar or sauerkraut on. This could have adverse effects on the color, also they can not get the smell out of the tissue.
  • Oriental rugs you should no more than once a week suck. Do not work against the grain and do not use rotating brush vacuum cleaner, this could pluck out the pile. Over time, this thins out increasingly.
  • Find dog or cat hair, take it off with a damp cloth.
  • Stains should be treated as soon as possible. Dampen a soft cloth and rub gently over the stain. Work with the bottom line and you do not soak the carpet. Avoid massaging the spot. Particular care must be in red areas, as these can easily bleed.
  • The first wash after buying your carpet should be carried out by a professional cleaning. Here Farbfixierbad is again applied, which protects the colors.
  • About once a year, the carpet should be washed. Use to wash carpet soap, neutral soap or a slightly acidic detergent for wool. Test before cleaning with a damp cloth, if the colors bleed. to discolour the cloth, you should clean the carpet only professionally.
  • Dampen the carpet evenly and work the detergent with a soft clothes brush a. Then rinse off the carpet with cold, clear water. Brush out the coarsest moisture and lay the carpet to dry on a slatted construction, so that it is well ventilated.

Care tips for everyday life

  • Oriental rugs can not tolerate moisture. If you mop the floor, remove the carpet and interpret again until the soil is completely dry. Even when stored in unventilated spaces, the fabric may rot.
  • Take protective pans for inferiority or Gleitnägel to protect your carpet from smudges and scratches heavy furniture.
  • Turn your carpets something twice a year by 180 degrees, thus whitens the pile evenly.
  • Ask. No flower pots or vases on your carpet Leaky vessels or condensation to your carpet slowly sucks up moisture. Do you want to do without flowers, use frames, so that the air can circulate. Regularly check whether moisture escapes.
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