Clean piano keys - Here's how

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Clean piano keys - Here's how

Piano keys you should clean and maintain with care.

It goes without saying that you do not wash it off piano keys with plenty of water, or can even scrub. When cleaning the piano keys you should be as careful as possible to proceed so that the keys are not damaged. Nevertheless, cleaning the piano keys is a little tedious and takes time. Also, keep the rest periods, since quite noiseless can not maintain the piano keys.

So piano keys are clean again

  • Easier stains can be cleaned with normal glass cleaner. Apply a small amount of cleaner on a soft lint-free cloth and wipe the keys with it.
  • More stubborn fingerprints can be removed with whiting. Mix the whiting with a little water to form a paste and polish the piano keys with it. Instead whiting You can also use ordinary toothpaste.
  • Is your piano quite old and the piano keys are yellowed, may help alcohol or benzine. Please make sure that you do not use too much liquid, but a soft, lint-free cloth very lightly soak with the cleaning agent. Then rub the piano keys dry.
  • After cleaning the piano keys you should not cover for a few hours, so they can dry.
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