Clean Septic Tank - Here's how

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Clean Septic Tank - Here's how

Let us wait the waste water tank regularly.

Septic tank stink - what to do?

  • When a septic tank is not located in the proper sense to a pit, but you get a plastic or concrete container that is placed in the ground. A septic tank you should use when you need to dispose of waste water only slightly and a connection to the public sewer system is not possible.
  • Regularly check the level indicator and the Überfüllmelder, so no foul-smelling sewage can escape from a full septic tank. Arrange appointments with your local waste management company to make empty the pit.
  • Note that from your septic tank itself or from the sanitary escape unpleasant odors, the various reasons may have. Verify that the vent is free. Sometimes it is also recommended to give ground coffee into the tank in order to mitigate the typical smells of the forming biogases.
  • Use only biodegradable cleaners and be sure what substances pour into toilet and sink.
  • A cleaning of the containers you may perform under any circumstances even. Only after previous evacuation and ventilation of the sewage pit a skilled worker will take care of the maintenance and cleaning.

supporting performance of small wastewater treatment plant

  • Somewhat more sophisticated, so-called small sewage treatment plants, with which you can even recycle your waste water. In these systems a professional company takes over the emptying and cleaning. However, you can ensure that the wastewater treatment plant is not under- or overloaded.
  • Thus, the bacteria can work in the septic tank, they need a certain amount of sludge which remains at the bottom of the container. Use your system regularly, so that the bacteria will not starve and the wastewater remains unexplained. Use your septic tank just a few summer months, results in a lower load.
  • Produce too much waste water by showers, wash or use the toilets much, the bacteria can not clean this fast enough. Think in such a case, an additional herbal treatment plant. This works with plants in their roots colonize the bacteria. The bacteria feed on the past flowing water and clean it in passing.

Arrange regular maintenance and cleaning appointments with your utility company or a specialist company you trust. The nurse will then take care of the repair and cleaning of important parts and the setting of optimal operating conditions.

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