clean silk flowers - so it is possible

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clean silk flowers - so it is possible

Silk flowers as pretty decoration

Silk flowers, you can easily clean itself and can the flowers as easy to dry.

So silk flowers are clean again

  • If you need to clean your silk flowers, then take a little time to prepare the flowers properly. This time you save a later twice if you give the flowers into the water.
  • Take the flowers in the hand and shake first the loose dust thoroughly.
  • Then you can again replace with a towel remaining, something solid adhering dust by just flipping the towel against the flowers.
  • Is the whole loose dirt and dust away, the flowers are now so far that they can be cleaned in the water.

clean silk flowers in water

  1. Take a bucket and fill it halfway with warm water.
  2. Then enter a good shot to detergent and mix everything well together.
  3. Now insert the silk flowers with the petals down in this water bath and allow the silk flowers for at least 30 minutes in the water.
  4. Get the flowers afterwards from the water and place the bouquet to drip into the sink.
  5. Now give fresh clean water, which should be about lukewarm, into the bucket and give a shot glass cleaners to.
  6. Insert the silk flowers again with the flowers down in the water and swirl the flowers now slightly back and forth.
  7. then get the flowers after cleaning out of the water and hit the moisture carefully over the sink.

Dry the flowers properly

  • To keep your silk flowers also stay in shape nicely after cleaning, you need to properly dry the flowers also.
  • Hang the bunch it upside down on the bathtub or above the sink and let the silk flowers hang there until they are completely dry.
  • Thus, the thin sheets in an upright shape stand, and your flowers look after cleaning like new.

Remove between often the dust from your silk flowers, because that attracts less dirt, fixed in the fiber, and you manage the thorough cleaning much easier.

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