Clean silver ring - so it is possible

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Clean silver ring - so it is possible

To clean your silver jewelry.

Aluminum foil and paste - brushing the silver ring right

With the passage of time your silver jewelry may blacken. This does not look nice, but can be resolved quickly again. There are several ways you can clean your silver ring with simple home remedies.

  • Wrap a your silver ring in aluminum foil and leave it then be positioned about 60 minutes in simmering water. Alternatively, you can give with the dishwasher in aluminum foil, coiled silver ring.
  • Or clean the tarnished ring with toothpaste. To do this, a little toothpaste on the ring and then edit it with an old toothbrush. Let the toothpaste just act and rinse the ring with clear water from.

Clean jewel - how it works with other home remedies

You need your silver ring not necessarily be cleaned at a jeweler, because in simple terms, most of which are located in your household, you can also do it yourself.

  • For example, use sour milk, to rid your silver ring of black spots. Enter the jewel to in a small bowl and pour it with sour milk in such a way that the ring is completely covered. Let the whole thing will be dropped off, ideally overnight, so are. If you then rinse the silver ring with clear water, this shines like new again.
  • With a raw potato, you can also clean your ring well. Cut the potato to and rub the silver ring evenly with the cut off.
  • If your silver ring a brushed surface, you can clean it with soda. To do this, a little soda on a damp, old toothbrush and then clean their jewelry in a circular motion.
  • Solve a packet of baking powder in water and place the silver ring overnight into, he also will be clean again.

Do you want to prevent tarnishing of silver jewelry, store it together with a piece of chalk school.

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