Clutch Cable at Golf 3 switch - a guide for laymen

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Clutch Cable at Golf 3 switch - a guide for laymen

Thus, the clutch is running again. / Pixelio

Preparations for Jump

  • Obtain a spare parts in stores or on the Internet. Over the internet you can get the spare parts usually considerably cheaper.
  • To get the right clutch cable for your Golf 3, you will find the precise data the vehicle registration certificate.
  • Put the vehicle down so that it has a secure footing and is secured against rolling away.

The expansion of the defective part

  1. Now open the hood. Now open the metal rings of the tube and set it aside. The pipe must now be dismantled. Now open the metal rings of the tube and set it aside.
  2. Now the search begins, because if the cable is broken, then will find two ends in the engine compartment. The one end but you will find on the clutch pedal and the second end of the clutch itself. The exact seat is just below the air filter.
  3. At pedal the clutch cable is fixed with a screw, this open now.
  4. Also at the coupling a screw must be loosened to allow the wily train can be removed.

The installation of Clutch Cable on Golf 3

  1. Now screw one end of the clutch cable to the pedal firmly. The other part is also attached to the clutch again. This is as stated next to the air filter.
  2. Now you just need the tube back mooring to the clutch cable. Tighten the screws firmly.
  3. The cable must not be clamped, since it is always delivered appropriately. That is why it is so important that you order the right part for your Golf 3, because otherwise there is no guarantee that then can the clutch pedal function smoothly.
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