Clutch Cable Switch the Polo 6n

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Clutch Cable Switch the Polo 6n

Is the clutch cable broken, the car stops.

get a new clutch cable for the Polo 6n

  • If the clutch cable of your Polo 6n must be replaced, you do not need the same to panic. Even if you are an experienced Autoschrauber, which is managed in a short time. You only need to get a new clutch cable.
  • Take the registration papers of Polo 6n at hand and buy based on the data a new clutch cable in automotive stores or on the Internet. On the net you get it though much cheaper, but have to wait a few days later.

To replace the clutch cable

  1. Ensure first that the Polo 6n is fixed and can not roll. then Disconnect the battery.
  2. Hang the cover to the right of the tray from and build from it.
  3. Remove the two Phillips screws on the metal strip for the floorboards and pull the panel out.
  4. Now loosen the two plastic clips from the fuse box and remove it out. The box can easily be hung.
  5. Then loosen the clips of the plastic lining between the pedal holder and the fuse box. The fairing you need only to push aside.
  6. Now look forward to the clutch cable. Hang it out on the clutch and the gearbox.
  7. Then loosen gently with a small screwdriver, the clutch cable at the clutch pedal.
  8. Pull the rope through the spout into the engine compartment. Pay attention, however, that the pedal fitting is to the front side through the spout while swiping. You may need to work with a little power here. Emergency the spout must be pulled out with a long screwdriver from the interior.
  9. Now when you install the new clutch cable in the Polo 6n, do not remove the fuse from Kupplungsnachsteller until the rope is fully installed and tested.
  10. The Nachstellersicherung you realize green on the bellows at ATE. They must be removed after successful installation necessarily.
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