CMI 96-125 - so sharpen the blade on the lawn tractor

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CMI 96-125 - so sharpen the blade on the lawn tractor

The lawn tractor - a toy for men.

The lawn tractor CMI 96-125

  • The series was originally developed by the company Gutbrod. This company has merged and the product CMI 96-125 was expelled from the DIY chain OBI. It is a cost-effective lawn tractor for medium-sized areas without steep inclines.
  • The mower is working, as most lawn mowers, in rotation. Dual-rotor side by side reach a working width of 96 cm. The two blades are held flat and available as spare parts from your dealer. They are characterized by a star-shaped receptacle of the drive.

Removing and installing the blades on CMI 96-125

  • Tilt the CMI 96-125 laterally on in order to access better to the respective outer diameter. Using a wooden block the knife, and then loosen the central screw on the drive. Note the position of the blades to each other, they should not touch during operation.
  • When installing ensure that the target of the cutting always down. An upside built knife does not push the crop into the ejection, but it remains on the ground. The fastening screws tighten firmly back Locked drive.

To sharpen the knife

  • On no account should you edit the cutting of both sides. always grind on the inclined surface, over their entire length. Try to keep the predetermined angle as precisely as possible. Do not press too hard against the wheel and pull the knife smoothly back and forth.
  • A good ground you have achieved if the cutting is no longer seen as dull. A lawn mower blade must not be as sharp as a razor blade to be, it becomes dull only faster again. The back of the knife has safe and nicks. These are just straightened until the surface of the underside is flat.
  • Have no bench grinder available, an angle grinder with a grinding disc (no blade!) Is a full replacement. Again, grind carefully, preventing the blade from blue started or burning out. In such a manner sharpened knife protect your engine and leave a clean cut.
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