Coating technology for walls - so succeed structures

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Coating technology for walls - so succeed structures

customize with colors and textures

Types of Coating Technology

Meanwhile, the coating technology offers a variety of ways to make walls individually. They include the brush and the wiping technique, made of the sponge and the winding technique and the mask and the Tünch technique.

  • When brushing technique, a basic color is only applied to the walls. Depending on the desired effect, the selected color is then applied with a brush, depending on the intensity of the brushed sites with less or more color. For more intensively bodies should be brushed strong.
  • The wiping technique can be performed with a glove, a special cloth or natural sponge. Usually this two colors are used. After applying a base color tone desired color is applied irregularly. Before the paint to dry, rubbing it over a large area, circular or straight with a damp sponge or cloth, wherein the sponge or cloth should not be too wet.
  • The procedure for sponging is similar to the wiping technique. The difference is that in the dabbing the paint does not extensively rubbed but is dabbed. This is best done with a sponge.
  • An ancient method is the winding technology. Although this requires a bit of patience and skill, but the result is this so unique. The surface should be dry. The Wrap, which can consist of cotton or hessian cloth as well as from a chamois, is dipped into the paint, preferably twice, so that it can properly absorb color, then wring, twist together into a ball or rolls and on the wall to roll. The structure is fine, if you repeat this several times.
  • In the stencil technique to self-made templates from cardboard or paper, but also available commercially, are used. The templates are applied to the wall, possibly fixed with some tape, and with a blunt stenciling the paint is applied. By superimposing repeatedly attaches the template produces very complex shapes and structures. For particularly filigree patterns also an airbrush gun is.
  • The Tünch technique is like the stencil technique a brush-coating technology. With a special daubed brush the desired color is so often applied with slight hand movements until the desired structure is achieved.

To manage the design of your walls

  • The towels for the winding technique should be rinsed thoroughly before the first application in clear water.
  • In addition to self-produced materials such as winding or templates, as well as leather and effect scooter and effect sponges or brushes effect are commercially available.
  • The desired structure should be tested before the start always as a sample print on a piece of wallpaper or a hidden spot on the wall.
  • When Yourself should always be taken to ensure working equipment such as here the brushes or sponges, always be cleaned immediately to preserve their quality.
  • If you save the color, can the achieved by the desired effect vary greatly.
  • To paint over a wall with a dark color, or even with an untreated wall is a previous priming advisable because the ink adheres better here.
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