Coconut - pumpkin soup - recipe

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Coconut - pumpkin soup - recipe

Coconut pumpkin soup warms the autumn.

Hokkaido or butternut - the difference lies not only in taste

In recent years, the pumpkin in the autumn kitchen became more popular. Just delicious soups from pumpkin are especially popular. The types of squash Hokkaido and Butternut are among the most popular varieties.

  • The Hokkaido is certainly the most famous pumpkin, which is often used in the kitchen. Rightly so, because it can be processed easily and lends its bright orange color every dish an appetizing appearance. It is enough to wash it thoroughly, cut in half with a sharp, large knife and remove the seeds with a spoon. Now cut it into bite-sized pieces and then he is ready for cooking.
  • The butternut is a bottle-shaped, rather yellowish pumpkin with a very light, delicate nutty flavor. After washing, you should peel it thinly with a peeler or a potato peeling knife. Then you can further process it. Divide the squash in half, remove also the seeds with a spoon and cut it into uniform pieces.

Coconut pumpkin soup for four people

The special feature of the coconut pumpkin soup is the mixture of the rich flavor of Hokkaido and the fine, nutty flavor of the butternut. In combination with the other ingredients creates a sweet-spicy soup that will taste safely. For guests the soup is well suited for the preparation takes less than an hour. The recipe is for four servings as a main course.

  1. Wash the Hokkaido and the Butternut thoroughly. Peel the butternut thinly with a peeler or a potato peeling knife.
  2. Cut the stem and flower initials of the pumpkins from and share the pumpkins with a large, sharp knife into two halves.
  3. Remove the pumpkin seeds carefully, preferably with a tablespoon, and wash the pumpkins again under cold running water. Cut after the pumpkin halves into bite size pieces.
  4. Peel onions and garlic and cut them into large cubes.
  5. Heat the olive oil in a large pot and let the onions with the garlic sauté it. The heat should not be too high so that the garlic does not burn. Stir constantly and add the brown sugar over it. Stir, until the sugar has melted.
  6. Now enter the pumpkin pieces in the pan and fry for the whole stirring occasionally three to five minutes.
  7. Delete from the vegetable stock and let simmer with the lid on for about 15 minutes.
  8. Then, turn the temperature on your stove back and enter, add the coconut milk. Season to taste the soup with salt, pepper, a pinch of nutmeg and chili powder. Let pull the whole thing for another five minutes with the lid closed.
  9. Now, take the pot off the heat to gently mash your coconut pumpkin soup with a hand blender. The soup should have a creamy consistency.
  10. After pureeing the soup should not boil and you should taste again. Depending on your taste, you can spice it up a bit.
  11. Toast the pumpkin seeds in a dry frying pan slightly. The roasted pumpkin seeds distribute only just before serving on the soup plate.

If the soup is not thick enough, you can also change the consistency by Stir mashed potato flakes. If the soup is too thick, you add in our little broth or coconut milk. For the soup, you can submit a fresh baguette. As a drink, red wine, white wine or a fresh beer to match.

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