Coffee in the fridge? - The way to keep him on the right

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Coffee in the fridge?  - The way to keep him on the right

Coffee should not be kept in the refrigerator.

General information about the coffee

  • Coffee is a stimulant, which even health benefits are attributed. But the decisive factor is the own taste generally. You should definitely try each varieties, both the cheap and the slightly more expensive, to find out the best for your taste coffee.
  • As there are different forms of roasting, as well as the grind of coffee, depending on the variety is different. So Espresso is significantly finer ground than eg filter coffee, the taste is more spicy, the finer the beans are ground.
  • Almost as important as the quality of the coffee or the beans, the water quality and of hardness. For a good coffee flavor most advantageously is a medium hardness 8-12 degrees. The value appropriate to your region hardness can be obtained from your local water supplier.
  • Votes finely the coffee and water hardness, raises only the question of the correct storage and the question whether here the fridge is the best choice.

Storage in the refrigerator - not better

  • In order thus to obtain the aroma and taste of coffee, proper storage is critical. Improper storage loses coffee after a few days to taste. The best way to preserve the flavor, store coffee in the form of whole beans and grind always freshly before use. It is more convenient, however, ready ground coffee to buy, what most do.
  • If you belong to those who drink more coffee little, it is advisable to buy smaller packages. Anyway, you should consume opened packs within two weeks.
  • Coffee should always be possible in the original packaging and store it with the package in a closed and most airtight tin. A ceramic jar is here especially recommended because plastic containers like to own, sometimes even strong odor and it can be taken up by the coffee. Under certain circumstances, cans are suitable, they should only any odor.
  • The storage should definitely be protected from light and dry. For this reason, you should not keep in the refrigerator coffee. The moisture in the refrigerator, there is a risk that mold forms. In addition, the coffee could smell other foods that are kept in the refrigerator assume.
  • Coffee should also keep fresh longer if you freeze it in a sealed package. To be sure, if this is so, you should try it best.
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