Coincident - explains a mathematical term course

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Coincident - explains a mathematical term course

Squares of a chessboard are example congruent. Franz_Haindl / Pixelio

At school you will often face technical terms or mathematical phenomena, which are very difficult for many students to understand. The coincidence is not very easy to understand. To facilitate understanding, the term "congruent" or the congruence are explained in this manual and understood without mathematical terms.

When you can find congruence

  • Prerequisite is that you can examine mathematical figures on congruence, is first of all that you have to consider two or more characters.
  • It must also relate to the same figure at these figures. A triangle can not be congruent with a square or a pentagon, just as a square and a cross can be congruent.
  • It is also provided that this is to plane figures, not to 3-D figures.

To determine the congruence

If the above requirements are met, you can check two or more pieces on congruence.

  • As already indicated above, figures of different kinds are never identical. So if you are present, for example, a triangle and a cross, you can exclude congruence immediately.
  • Although it is obvious that the a character is smaller than the other, this can never be congruent.
  • A prerequisite for a coincidence that you could put the successive figures by mirroring, move or rotate directly, so that the contours are at any point exactly superimposed.
  • Soft this "Top Of Lying" only a small part from or is a figure only a millimeter smaller than the other, is no coincidence.
  • So try to get by measuring the respective sides or angles and move or rotate and flip both characters in the same direction. Now you can compare the lengths when they match, the figures are congruent.
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