Collective need - Example and Definition

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Collective need - Example and Definition

Love and security are human collective needs.

That Individualbefürfnisse

Man has many individual needs, but few are really vital for him. Individual needs can be satisfied regardless of a company or other people from a human.

  • A basic human need is that after sufficient food and water. This is an existential need, which is shared by all living things and can be satisfied regardless society.
  • It is the same with the need for sleep. Sleeping can each by itself to ensure its survival.
  • The man also has a need for a place to live.
  • Even leisure is one of the human individual needs, as well as the need to be - in whatever way - creatively express.

The collective needs of people with examples

Now the man is not a loner and has accordingly collective needs, ie needs that can only be satisfied by others within a group. Here are some examples:

  • An important general requirement is the need for security. It provides a company or groups both protection outwards, as well as a reason to need to be protected within that society.
  • Personal care and love and security are very important collective needs. A child who grows up without any maternal care dies, most likely, even if it has enough food to eat.
  • Also recognition within a group can only be done by the group itself, and is therefore an example of collective needs.
  • Culture is created by companies, hence the need for culture is a collective need. Even the Stone Age people had a culture that manifests itself in the cave paintings, for example. Here, of course, is also the need for individual creativity.
  • More or less pronounced in each individual is also the need for social status and thus also for power.
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