College student - meet requirements

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College student - meet requirements

Most students strive to at least the attainment of GCSEs.

Secondary school: Accessible to many skilled occupations

As a student or a student, you should aim to Secondary school if you want to learn a trade with intermediate skills. These include commercial professions, occupations in the medical field, technical jobs and many more.

  • The Secondary school is also next to a completed vocational training one of the prerequisites if you want to make up for the general university, a high school, in second-chance education
  • The Secondary school is commonly referred to as high school. In some states it is completely different, such as High school in Berlin and Brandenburg. This sometimes leads to confusion when the student wants to apply in another state.

The requirements depend on the type of school

  • The Secondary school requirements are already laid in primary school, because for the achievement of GCSEs, you must attend a school that offers this conclusion also. For a corresponding grade point average is required.
  • The high-school diploma, you can store all schools offering the high school as education. These are in addition to secondary schools and those with similar names also comprehensive schools and high schools.
  • The conditions for the successful completion of the Realschule are dependent on state and type of school. At high school, it is sufficient, as a rule, if you meet the transfer criteria and, where necessary, the tests have been passed. At other schools, there are other requirements, such as the visit of extension courses in various subjects or a certain grade point average.
  • The mid level can be acquired after ten years of schooling and is noted on the degree certificate.
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