color pants - so your favorite clothing shines in new splendor

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color pants - so your favorite clothing shines in new splendor

New colors for your clothes

Dyeing without risk

  • If you want to take any risks in the dyeing, use only colorants that are specifically suitable for the materials of your clothes.
  • Before you dye your pants, they should by washed and be free of stains. If it is a whole new pants, you must also not neglect the washing. Many textiles are impregnated prior to the sale, so that they in the store looking good longer and not already dirty when trying on clothes. This protective layer you must wash necessarily before dyeing, otherwise the color or only spotty penetrates into the fabric.
  • Although it is also possible to dye in a bucket, but lighter and often better is the result in the washing machine. Who's afraid of discolored seals, may be equipped beforehand with machine cleaner. If you allow the seals rub after dyeing, all paint residues should solve.
  • Figure out in advance how much paint you need for the pants, so that the result meets your expectations. A calculation keys you find on the packaging. In the classic textile dyes from the supermarket generally does a pack per trouser. For special colors from the craft store, it can be more.

Fresh paint your pants

  1. Fold the trousers in the drum and make a short prewash one, so that the fabric is soaked. Be sure to use no additional detergent.
  2. Dyeing takes place with a standard wash program. Adhere to the manufacturer's instructions on the temperature data. The dyeing temperature is dependent on whether you are using real or fabric paint. Although real color costs more often, but can be washed later with higher temperatures (that is practical, for example, for children's clothing).
  3. The color you can enter directly into the drum normally. Thus, the detergent chamber remains clean. You should try to restart in this case the washing program immediately so that the color does not pick up unevenly.
  4. After washing, wash the clothes again to 30 degrees Celsius by to remove the excess ink residues. You use your conventional detergents and optionally also softener.
  5. When dried, you can admire the new color of your pants.
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