color parquet - so it might be possible

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color parquet - so it might be possible

Parquet can be dyed differently.

Ways to change the color of parquet

  • There are several ways you can stain your hardwood floor and thus can adapt to your personal taste and your device. A variant is the colored stains of the parquet floor with subsequent overpainting with parquet lacquer. Other ways to color parquet, are applying colored parquet oils or liming.
  • If you want to dye parquet, you should be sure to carefully grind, especially the transitions at the edges. In addition, be sure to test it first on the non-visible sample surfaces. When dyeing color tolerances can occur, which are normal and should be tolerated.

So you can color your wood floor

A particularly promising method to stain the floor, is the treatment with Color oils. These can be mixed with each other.

  1. Prior to treatment, you should clean the floor with either an intensive cleaner or with an appropriate grinding machine sanding (120 grit).
  2. Is it at your parquet a highly absorbent wood, it is advisable to previously apply a nourishing oil as a primer. You can then apply the Color oil with an oil roller evenly on the floor.
  3. After an exposure time of about 30 minutes you can best remove the excess oil with a rubber blade or a cotton cloth. After another waiting period of at least 6 hours, you can do a final polishing your parquet with a white pad and bring as the finishing touch.

To get the parquet after staining as long as possible in a clean condition, you should attach all movable under furniture, for example, tables and chairs, so-called felt pads to prevent scratches.

color parquet by painting or limes

  • Often the sealing pigment pastes or topcoat colors are added to color as the floor. The intensity of the colors, however this is very limited. In addition, the original structure of the wood is covered.
  • The method of liming you can apply in the dyeing of oak parquet. Here, the pores of the stalls are opened using a wire brush along the grain and coated with a base coat. Then backfill the parquet wood with a thick lime paste. This paste is available in specialist shops. After the paste is dried and you have the surplus away, the entire surface is sealed with a corresponding paint.
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