coloring gray hair with henna - so it'll work

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coloring gray hair with henna - so it'll work

Beautiful bright red with henna twinlili / Pixelio

Henna is made from the leaves and stems of a shrub that grows in Africa and has long been used for dyeing hair, clothes or skin. Also you can use colorations with henna to cover gray hair.

What is important before dyeing with henna

  • Many hair products contain silicones. This should be brittle hair look smooth and wrap around the horny layer of the hair. Sometimes this can not be so easily washed out again. So if you want to color your gray hair with henna, you should in the weeks before switching to silicone-free toiletries, so the color is subsequently well received.
  • It is also important that you find for a matching color to color your gray hair again. Pure henna has a reddish tinge when it is, however, combined with other plant extracts, also dark shades or brown shades are possible. Even the mixing of individual colors is possible. But the preparation of the colors is done separately. Henna should be confused about boiling water, dark vegetable colors are not.
  • To find out what coloration fits best, you should be based on your natural hair color. to dye gray hair with pure henna, leads to an intense shade of red, which is perhaps not desirable. Therefore after a Stain with the desired color should still be done. The first introduced Henna makes it here is that the subsequent coloration is better absorbed.
  • To avoid that, the mixture crumbles for coloring, you can use a gelling agent (eg, guar gum, xanthan gum) add. This thickens the paste and prevents spilling.

How to colorize gray hair

  • After you have washed your gray hair again (without silicone) and these are slightly dried, the coloring can begin with henna. Where no color is to get there - about the ears, cheeks or forehead - you can with some greasy cream preserve the bodies warning that the henna acts here. With disposable gloves caused no discoloration of the hands.
  • Ask best in the shower or bath and color the color there so no splash contaminate the walls.
  • If you have brought the coloring paste in your hair, attach a bathing cap or shower cap, so that the hair does not drip. Furthermore you should then bind even a towel. After at least two to three hours exposure time, the henna can be washed again. Even a flushing or washing off with something essighaltigem water washes out color radicals, but intensifies the remaining ink particles.
  • Thereafter, your gray hair will no longer colorless, but the henna color and possibly additional tints have adopted with other vegetable dyes. Unlike chemical hair colorations is thereby subjected to less stress.
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