combat centipede

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combat centipede

Millipedes can be quite a nuisance.

To fight the centipede you do not have access to chemical weapons.

Effective home remedy for centipedes

  • A good effective way, when you have to fight millipede, is silica powder. Silica contains a lot of silica, which is you maybe known as silica. Silica powder you get from professional discounters, but also in the pharmacy or at the drugstore to buy.
  • The silica contained therein can be successfully used against the pests. You endanger neither the plant nor the nature, since it is a natural product and is also available as a dietary supplement.
  • Silica powder attacks the exoskeleton of the centipede. It binds the substances contained in the chitin, which it finally dries out and breaks. This home remedy the uninvited creeping are simply dried.

To mix the silica

  • it if you mix the silica with water to form a thin solution is best. Simply pick up a glass of warm water and stir four to five tablespoons of silica powder into it.
  • Has this completely dissolved in the water, you can decant it into a spray bottle. Before using the mixture, shake previously all-good. Thus, the offset on the ground powder can be distributed again.

The Fighting animals

  • With this mix you can fight the centipede now without having to come into direct contact with these. Spray from a distance of about 15 cm all animals thoroughly with the mixture a.
  • Have you discovered a veritable nest, you can enhance the effect further. You do this after spraying just a little of the powder that you sprinkle on the wet animals. Thus, the outer skin layer is dried faster.
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