combine tights fit - Dirndl

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combine tights fit - Dirndl

Violette stockings dress up this Dirndl.

To combine considered tights and Dirndl

  • Basically, you should courageously dare to what you like. Where a crying because the trendy simply does not work, the other is excited. But think but only about how much to restrict those who claim stubborn, plaids combined with floral motifs is an absolute fashion faux pas or the color fuchsia or magenta and red bite, it hurts the eyes.
  • Apart act an opaque black tights and black patent leather shoes to Dirndl in purest folk style. The contrast effect that both come into play.
  • Also an opaque white tights and white shoes can be combined with a dirndl. The effect is likely to be less then but apart-elegant. White opaque tights often reminiscent of girl and her dirndl outfit can thereby get a girly touch. In addition, white stockings are often attracted to black shoes, but this combination is adhered to some unsophisticated. A white pantyhose will make your legs thicker (and clumsy) appear as a black pantyhose.
  • Dare the effect gaudy colors. A Dirndl combined with an (opaque) red or purple or blue tights gives your Dirndl outfit almost anything from Pop Art. Blue and yellow or green and red or green and purple as the dominant colors can be combined well.
  • If you like it extravagant and create it again attracting attention, then pull a pantyhose (Schott) check pattern on, especially if you wear a Dirndl, the motives as gentian or other flower shows. Why do checks and flowers should not tolerate.
  • Tights in Nudelook or transparent tights also make not bad. With a Dirndl They act "very attracted" usually because it is elaborately designed generally and having trimmings. Your legs look through this contrast more naked and more attractive.
  • If you have shapely slim legs, then you can put a leg eyecatcher flashy tights. For example, why not even in white-blue pattern.

If a pair of tights the highlight of your dirndl outfits to be, then look around for a Mini Skirt Dirndl.

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