Company core - an explanation

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Company core - an explanation

Find out more about the companies nucleus of a company.

Those who deal with the company, knows maybe not quite know whether is behind the company core only the name or even more. You can understand this easily. Each company has a corporate core and a company additive which must be given truthfully.

To determine the company core

  • Who deals with companies, should know what is behind their name. You should know that the name of the company is composed of the corporate center and the business accessory, such as the name Harald Schmitz Smalls trade e. Kfm .. In this name Harald Schmitz is the company core.
  • The company core refers to the company.
  • The company core distinction is made in the company name of a people company, a property company, mixed name or a fantasy company. In a people company, the name of the owner is in the foreground. When a property company, the type of company is the focus. In the fantasy business core the name is freely chosen, such as the "1 & 1 Internet AG". Here is "1 & 1" a fantasy name.
  • You should know that the company has core accuracy of information about the nature and extent of the company. It must be respected truth and clarity.

distinguish the companies core of the Company addition

  • The name of a company consists of the company core and the addition. You should know that the additional focus is after the company core.
  • The Company addition depends on the form of the company, such as when a person company the name registered trader or a limited liability company, the ending GmbH.
  • You can view information about the company core business and additional in the commercial register. This can even apply on the Internet and you merely have to spend a small fee.
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