Compare roller shredder in test correctly

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Compare roller shredder in test correctly

For the gardener's something also.

Garden shredders work in very different ways, with different cutting units (knife or roller shredder). Whichever you choose to buy, depends on what you intend to do with the shredded material.

Roller shredder or chopper blades - the differences

  • Want more mulch, you better choose a device with knife cutting. The shredded material is smaller and more evenly. Blade shredders are also usually cheaper. But they are also more prone to clogging and much louder than roller shredder.
  • For composting, a roller shredder is very good. The crushed the clippings rather and can therefore return a bit uneven, but has a number of other advantages. Many rolling chopper of the new generation are also called quiet shredder and are provided with an environmental seal. They are so quiet that they must be used at weekends and on public holidays according to the Noise Control Ordinance and interfere even in times of "siesta" anyone.
  • Rolling chopper drag clippings an independent and get along very well with different branches, branches, leaves, etc. cope, both fresh and dry. If clogging, a safety switch intervenes and interrupts the shredder process. By means of a reverse gear, you can then easily remove the jammed cuttings. Most blade shredders, although much more prone to blockages, such a reverse gear not.

The "Quiet Shredder" in Test

  • They have opted for a rolling chopper? Then you should well informed about the differences between individual manufacturers and models, because the price range is large. What do you usually have for clippings? Are the branches to be shredded rather thin or would "eat" quite a bit thick branches Your new harvester can?
  • Thus, compare the first power and the maximum thickness of the branches, which provides such a device. An impression will be easy to find on the Internet, because of course regular tests are carried out and published for such devices as shredder. The test results of different shredders allow a good comparison.
  • A good indicator of a strong, well-made device is a power output of more than 2000 watts, an average thickness of at least 40mm and a weight which should not be too easy. That should be the basis of information before you compare prices. Rolling chopper with less power and less stability for lack of weight are usually not adequate for small horticultural claim.
  • Explore in garden forums and product review sites to read and opinions expressed by users of various models. To learn more from the everyday practice, the often rather different from what is written on paper. Not always the most expensive devices are the best - sometimes the differences in quality, the price difference is very small, but powerful. Most recently, the situation is like this: Overall a rolling chopper from Bosch (AXT 25 TC) truncates best, but costs more than twice as much as the runner-up Mac Alister 2500 ELH (about 170 €).
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