compile nutrition plan for children with obesity

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compile nutrition plan for children with obesity

Obese children may have many problems.

Therefore children should have no overweight

A little baby fat is to 13 or 14 years - sometimes even longer - not too bad and usually disappears during adolescence. Children, however, severely overweight, this can lead to various problems.

  • Children who are overweight often have joint problems, because still in the growth of bone, ligaments and joints give way under the weight. Therefore fat children often have knock-knees.
  • Obesity can be regarded as the cause or favoring various diseases and metabolic diseases. Type 2 diabetes mellitus, for example, is promoted by obesity.
  • Obese children have many social problems. They are ostracized and teased, and they find it often difficult to develop a healthy self-confidence.
  • Finally fat children who later much more difficult, their pounds rid as such people who have been increasing until adulthood.

To create a nutrition plan

  • To create a meal plan, think about how this can best be implemented together with the children. Children should be able to join and a say, then they feel less determined foreign. It is also important that the children recognize the need to remove and do not feel that something is taken away from them.
  • Consider together which healthy and low calorie foods the child likes to eat, and take this preference into your diet on. It makes no sense, the child vorzusetzen asparagus and broccoli, if there is exactly hates these vegetables. Search prefer vegetables from which the child likes.
  • Provide the child always several options for meals, from which it can choose one. So it can decide what it just has appetite.
  • Propose for breakfast eg cereal with strawberries, toast and apple or a wholemeal roll with jam, tomato and lettuce.
  • For lunch is rice, wholemeal pasta, potatoes, sorghum, or the like are with mixed vegetables, tomato sauce, herb or salad.
  • Dinner should easily fail - for example crisp bread, vegetables or soup.
  • Sweets should be removed from the diet, as well as fast food and fatty food.
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