compile Poseidon Panel itself - so it goes

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compile Poseidon Panel itself - so it goes

Panel for sea god Poseidon

Poseidon or Neptune

  • Poseidon and Neptune are both sea gods. Both have a palace in the sea and carrying a trident and a crown as a sign of dignity and position.
  • Both rule over the sea people, about mermaids, octopuses, fish, crabs and on the population living in the deep sea monster.
  • The cladding for both gods may look similar and can be produced with little effort itself.

Carnival disguise as Meeresgott

  • First, you need a piece of white, green or blue piece of cloth. A substance in marine colors would be just fine. From this you can tailor a simple caftan; above a neck and then each one armhole.
  • The Kaftan hold together with a belt, which is dark blue or gold color. Now you lie down the same substance, which you can decorate with a gold border, over one shoulder. Thus, the sash is not constantly slip, you can with a brooch (beads decorated with shells or) pinning.
  • The most important thing for the sea god Poseidon is the long white beard and the related white hair. Here you can purchase a wig and a beard commercially.
  • The golden crown for lining you can tinker. Cut off the crown of cardboard and paint them with gold paint or affix with golden foil.
  • The trident can be purchased commercially in the Carnival articles or Tinker also this himself. You'll need a stick, about 1 to 1.50 m in length (for example, a broomstick). Now shapes from wire a trident and paste it with paper mache (newsprint mixed with wallpaper paste) until you are satisfied with the shape. Then let it dry and paint the trident also him with a golden color.
  • Poseidon wearing simple sandals.
  • The lining of the Poseidon you can complete with some accessories. For example, with a fishing net, can hang in the small fish and crustaceans, as well as shells and beads. The animals may be of plastic or printed out from the computer. They are simply sewn into the net. Even individual pearls and jewels (must of course not be real), you can attach the net.
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