Completing the intermediate examination for retailers successfully - how it works

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Completing the intermediate examination for retailers successfully - how it works

Seller help customers when shopping.

Training for the seller or the seller usually takes two years. After the first year the intermediate examination takes place, to which every trainee should prepare thoroughly. Nevertheless, the good news: By falling is not possible!

The purpose of the interim review

  • by the Vocational Training Act Participation in the intermediate examination is a prerequisite for the final exam.
  • It takes about halfway through the training period, so after a year, instead.
  • Meaning the test is to determine the level of knowledge of the trainees.
  • After that there is enough time to get into the areas where the interim audit is not good, and practice.
  • At the same time get the trainees in this way already a foretaste of the final exam.

The examination of this seller

  • The intermediate examination is purely written exam, an oral exam will only take place during the audit.
  • Some questions will be answered by ticking, others writing.
  • In charge of the interim and final audit for retailers is the Chamber of Commerce.
  • The intermediate examination Seller lasts 90 minutes, in this time, 45 questions from the three areas of sales and marketing, cashiering and arithmetic and economics and social studies must be answered.
  • In the area of ​​sales and marketing is mostly about goods, dealing with customers, advertising and merchandising.
  • To collect, the math has to be mastered. In examining why computing tasks are provided.
  • In economics and social studies it comes to the retail industry in general, to safety and health at work and their regulations.

The intermediate certificate for the seller

  • After analyzing the test a certificate of participation issued by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Here are the total number of tasks and successfully solved.
  • For each area, the results are listed separately to have a clue as to which area may still learning material has to be rescheduled.
  • In order to have a comparison with other prospective sellers, also indicates how many tasks on average were achieved by all candidates on the chamber district properly.

Tools for passing the intermediate examination

  • Commercially, there are some Prüfungstrainer for retailers, which can be ordered as a book. This includes questions in the intermediate examination and their solutions contain.
  • When U-form publishing the original intermediate examinations in recent years can be ordered. The own intermediate examination Seller will look very similar.
  • Alone or together with classmates you can go through the fabric of the last year again.
  • It is important to remain calm is. Especially people with test anxiety should realize that anything can happen if the check fails.
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