Computing tasks with minus - so tell her playfully

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Computing tasks with minus - so tell her playfully

To teach children arithmetic problems.

To explain math problems correctly

Many children, especially in elementary school big problems with mathematics. It is therefore particularly important that you at home can explain the computing tasks to your children so that they can understand this, then good grades.

  1. Computing tasks with Minus you can tell pictorially and childishly easy for example by means of everyday objects. When you sit, for example, at a table with four chairs, you can explain to your child what happens when four minus three count. Do so, just three of the four chairs and put in another room. Now ask your child how many chairs are now still in the room and let it record the calculation result.
  2. Of course you need for computing tasks not undbedingt large items to illustrate them. It also satisfy a few cards or pens that you put on the table and over again as many away, as are deducted in the calculation. If the computing tasks, for example, eight is minus four, insert eight pins on the table and take four of them away again. Your child should then realize how many pins are still on the table.
  3. Perform this process before your child a few times until you encourage it to understand the bills even with these tricks. It can also to use his fingers or circles painting paper on one sheet and always cross out, which will be deducted.
  4. Let your child now some tasks independently solve, to see whether it has understood the computing tasks. It should know that you just help him when it really does not get further even as it tries hard otherwise not enough to get to itself to solve.
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