Concrete: Curing - Notes

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Concrete: Curing - Notes

Concrete is cracked, if not all precautions.

Endurance of concrete

  • The curing is not adversely affected by moisture. You should perform at all impatience always remember that concrete is not to dry quickly in the first place. He must cure at rest and it does require a reasonable time.
  • After a curing time of two to three days, it can however be already committed and actually already loaded and already offers a certain stability. After 21 days, a concrete slab is usually already fully loaded. The standard strength is, however, guaranteed by the manufacturer after a curing time of 28 days.

Risks to short hardening

  • During the curing period should cover large areas with foil. So is some moisture that exists among the film, guaranteed. The concrete then dries too quickly. Especially on hot days to or when you turn a floor heating under the concrete, it can happen that it dries too quickly. The problem is that this can cause cracks in the material.
  • These are not really mend following. In addition, the concrete will cause water leaks and moisture can penetrate into the masonry. This form at worst harmful molds and other cracks.
  • If you no corresponding film available, but you have the impression that the concrete cures, etc. too quickly due to external influences such as too much heat, strong sunlight, then you can keep a little wet it myself by going with him some water moisturize. This is best done primarily for small areas with a water mister, as used to cool plants.
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