Condolence book - so you express your sympathy

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Condolence book - so you express your sympathy

A goodbye forever, but a book of condolence can also comfort.

Sign the condolence book

  • On many funerals a book of condolence is interpreted by the cemetery administration, the funeral home or the bereaved family. You can express your sorrow, express your condolences or, more importantly, you can comfort the bereaved with a nice comment.
  • It is good if you are already at home ready put a spell because in the sad situation in the cemetery will occur nothing.
  • Always take a new page in the book of condolences. A salutation you do not need the grief book.
  • You can explain in a short sentence, where you knew the deceased. For example, you have "forced" him to school, childhood friends or work colleagues were. So can the survivors who might be able to do anything with your name, find out where you knew the deceased.
  • It is very difficult now to find comforting words. If you go to a church funeral, often helps a saying from the Bible. Go to a secular funeral, which is not attached, even if you yourself feel this consolation.
  • Many sayings can be found online or in books saying. For example: "The memory is a window through which we can see you, whenever we want."
  • Now you sign your words.
  • At the grave you can your sympathy manifest by placing a single white flower on the coffin or the urn.
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