Conducting learn - so it could work

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Conducting learn - so it could work

Conducting like a pro

What belongs to conducting this

Conducting is like playing soccer or cook an activity that can be carried out both on a very high, and at very low levels. But what exactly is all part of conducting it?

  • The simplest step on the way to get the Conducting is an understanding of music and especially for the different time signatures. Because the easiest task in directing is to beat the clock and so to show the musicians, where a new cycle begins, and should be on the pace played.
  • So do first with the different signatures trust and to propose, by what movements they are beaten. Of course, you will occasionally devious in the beginning - this is no problem at all. The important thing is actually just that you always keep in mind where the new "one". So you always have a clue to find again the baton.

learn the duties of a conductor

  • Of course, for directing do much more belongs to beat the clock. As a conductor, you must specify the musicians at the right pace, the atmosphere of the music must convey to set out where and where must be played loud low, inserts must be and, and, and.
  • To learn all of these things, you should best buy a corresponding book or even occupy a conducting course. So you always have a professional and structured manual where you can refer.
  • Of course, you should also practice practicing your theoretical knowledge. Because only in the rarest cases probably have the opportunity to conduct a real orchestra or ensemble, it is perfectly legitimate to practice before the mirror with a CD.
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