Conductor for children - which is considered

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Conductor for children - which is considered

So travel with children train conductors.

Find out more about the service for children traveling alone

  • Note that the quota is limited to train attendants for children. The earlier you book, the more certain it is that you can take to obtain service is. However at 7 working days before departure, the booking of a course must be made.
  • Entry and exit of the child is possible at said stations along a route. Information about the routes and the entry and exit points, please contact the service number 0180 5,996,633th
  • When you post a guard for your children, there is a specific train. That is, the children have to travel on the train, for which you have booked the train conductor.
  • Want to rebook the booking accompanying a train, you must do so no later than 7 days prior to departure.
  • The price of a conductor is 30 euros each way. These costs do not include the price of the ticket.
  • All train conductors are pedagogically trained on your work, so that your children are in good hands. There are traveling a maximum of 5 children with a train conductor. Are more children registered for the service, other conductor may be used.

To book a train attendant for your child

To reserve a conductor for your children, there are several options.

  • One way to find a conductor for your children that booked through the service hotline 0180 5,996,633th call is you to be connected to an employee the keyword "Support". This will take your booking and answer your questions about the service "Kids on Tour".
  • Alternatively, you can also fill out an online request form on the website of Deutsche Bahn. After filling in all fields of the form. Push the button "Send request". An employee of Deutsche Bahn will contact then contact you.

For more information about the train attendant service can be found on the website of Deutsche Bahn.

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