confirm iCloud

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confirm iCloud

The iCloud stores your data.

The iCloud of Apple in detail

When Apple iCloud is in detail a very useful server storage solution that you, if you have a suitable device and an Apple ID, at no additional charge. In this cloud then all important data, such as your address so that phone numbers, images and other things stored. Use can use the service not only of the various iOS devices, but also on your Windows computer. The decor is done very easy and within a few minutes. but you definitely need an Apple ID (account), you can create also free.

activate and confirm the service

The device activation or you can perform from any compatible iOS devices (eg iPhone, iPad or Mac OS) and also from a Windows computer. The easiest way to this process with an iPhone or iPad.

  1. Update as First your iOS version and bring the operating system up to date.
  2. Turn on the iPhone or iPad next off and back on and it seems the automatic system device.
  3. Follow the setup wizard and log in to the iCloud service with your Apple account. Do you have any Apple ID, so you can create for free in this step and confirm my email.
  4. Activate the cloud solution and call the settings.
  5. Here you can configure the individual applications. When finished, press the big green button "storage and backup" and confirm the cloud settings.

In addition, it may also create a free e-mail address via iCloud and of course set the useful service even with your other devices.

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