confirm Termination - so you get it right

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confirm Termination - so you get it right

Let confirm the cancellation.

To be confirmed a termination

  • Be that you ask in the termination letter to confirm the cancellation dates. Certainly you will then confirm the appointment by the entrance, and you can be prepared. However, you must not let acknowledge receipt itself.
  • Note that a termination legal effects, without the sender must be confirmed by the recipient to receive. The denunciation shall have effect as soon as the recipient received and has possibility for information.
  • You should send a notice always by registered mail with return receipt. To get a few days after you have sent the notice, a confirmation card on the delivery date.

How best to proceed with the termination

  • You should always, if you want to cancel, first determine the next possible termination date. To do this, check in your contract, the minimum contractual period. You can then cancel and can acknowledge receipt. However, you must not let acknowledge receipt of the notice itself.
  • Are you uncertain about the next possible termination date, so you should check with your contractor. You should do this by phone.
  • Write your cancellation then the specific termination date and add the subordinate clause that you alternatively terminate the earliest possible date. So you can be sure that you come out even with a wrong set date soon from the contract.
  • You can also often terminate without notice, this is always the case when you have a special right. Perhaps you can no longer continue to use your contract because you have been offset unforeseen abroad. If you want, for example, terminate his telephone service provider because he is posted abroad, may immediately terminate, since it can no longer use abroad the telephone company. This, however, is not the case when you move within Germany. You can then take your phone line and only after the prescribed period of notice.
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