Congratulations to the 1st birthday

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Congratulations to the 1st birthday

1st Birthday is one of the most beautiful

To formulate Congratulations to 1.Geburtstag

  • Think about your congratulations: Get precise idea of ​​what you want want the little birthday boy to his 1.Geburtstag.
  • How about a poem? If you want to congratulate the birthday child with a poem, looking at the top out a poem which is also suitable for the child or a good fit for the child.
  • If there is a matching children's song, you can also use this.

So let congratulations come to 1.Geburtstag

  • Tinker the little birthday boy a beautiful card. This will succeed best if you make the card with something the little ones / the kids well like (z. B. balloons, bears, cars, etc.). In an emergency, you can check here simply the child's parents.
  • The birthday boy celebrating his 1st birthday. As the parents of the child will pick up your congratulations sure so that the child can look at this later on, it is nice if the child then also knows by whom the congratulations came then. Make so for example a photo of yourself (possibly also from your partner, your own children, etc.). So it is later easier for the child to remember also to you.
  • Send your congratulations by video message. This variant is the most personal and the child can view these congratulations later below.
  • Ask for the birthday child to 1.Geburtstag a photo album with photos shared ago. This will succeed easily on the internet or you tinker a self. You can write, for example, on every single page a small request, such as "I wish you luck!".
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