Connect telephone jack - Instructions

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Connect telephone jack - Instructions

The connection of a telephone jack is easy.

So you can connect a telephone jack

The name in the TAE telephone jack stands for TAE connector. At their so-called terminals can be connected. This may be, for example, telephones, fax machines or modems. Through these connections, it was the first phone customers possible to connect these terminals to the telephone network itself. Before the times of the Federal Post Office, this was unthinkable. The connection of the cable to such telephone sockets is very simple:

  1. First drill at the desired locations for the TAE socket two holes with a diameter of six millimeters. If necessary, use the telephone jack as a template to mark the positions for the holes.
  2. After inserting the plugs, you can proceed with the installation of the telephone jack. Screw this simply with the two screws on the wall firmly.
  3. Now connect the jack follows. To connect only two wires are required. Even if the installed cable has four wires, so you need to clamp only two of them. If the cable has red wires with black markings, you must use the red wire without marking and the red wire with a ring.
  4. Connect the red wire without marking at terminal 1 of the socket and the other wire to terminal 2. These are located on the bottom left to the telephone jack.
  5. When you have finished connecting the wires, you can screw the jack cover and connect a phone as a tester to the socket and try. Plug the phone to a designated with an "F" connector, if the box should have two or three interchanges.
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