Connecting Doorbell - Here's how

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Connecting Doorbell - Here's how

Doorbells You can connect itself.

The doorbell in the house

The bell system in the house mainly consists of four parts:

  • The main part of which is the bell transformer for the power supply. The second part is the Call button, which is located externally of the front door and not forgetting the doorbell itself, which is typically located in the hallway. Recently would still be the corresponding connection lines call, which connect the individual parts to one another.
  • The cables for connecting the doorbell have already been transferred to the control while the house installation, leaving only the bell transformer, the doorbell and the doorbell to be connected. It is often so that the bell transformer already mounted in the fuse box and was connected, so you must install and connect only the doorbell and the doorbell.

Connecting the doorbell

  1. Connecting the doorbell button is the easiest step. Here, only two individual wires must be connected to the probe. Take this port best first thing before.
  2. Then attach the doorbell at the desired point where there are also the connecting wires. Again, you only need two wires provided with the doorbell to join. You can then attach the doorbell at the designated location.
  3. When connecting the bell transformer, it looks a little different. Since it must be here working directly in the fuse box of the house, you should be making this connection by an electrician. Maybe this has already happened sometime in the house installation. If this is the case, and you need after connecting the doorbell is turn the bell transformer.
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