Connecting to TV DVD players - how it works

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Connecting to TV DVD players - how it works

A scart cable connects two devices easily. Winternitz / Pixelio

The big change in TV sets

  • It is hardly understandable how fast the development of television has progressed. But the difference in weight between the old tube televisions and the new flat screen TVs is remarkable. Although Delivered image for many but is still very chaotic, there is on the TV equipment market only the new generation of TV deals.
  • Also from the VCR speaks today hardly anyone. In this area of ​​the DVD player or DVD recorder has begun a triumph which, inferior to its main partner, the flat screen TV in any way. Although the new devices, both the playing and the imaging profession, have a completely different technology than their respective predecessors, so you have one thing in common with even the old technology: a Scart socket.

To connect your DVD player to your TV

  • The most important link between a TV and a DVD player is the scart cable. In this connection element, both ends of which consist of a special plug and inserted to a Scart socket of the connected devices, you should not choose necessarily the cheapest solution, this can lead to enormous image and Tonqualitätsverlusten.
  • If you have introduced the Scart plug into the respective terminals of the TV and the DVD player, you need to switch only the television to the correct channel, the video channel. With most TVs this is adjusted automatically as soon as the connection of the two entertainment devices have been implemented correctly.
  • You should avoid claiming the Scart sockets and a scart cable too strong by constantly plugging. it if, once connected, would remain permanently would be best.
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