Connection Label - everything you need to know

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Connection Label - everything you need to know

Using the connection identifier to configure your Internet access.

Locating the line identification and installation of the router

  • If you sign a contract Internet, you get the manufacturer upon successful completion of a number of letters with your most important data sent. These include the twelve digit connection ID, the twelve-digit access number, a Mitbenutznummer and a personal password, which has eight digits usually.
  • These data should also get electronically. They usually stand in a shipped from the manufacturer email.
  • If you want to set up the router, you often helps to install software, as for example, offering Telekom (T-Online). You will then find an input mask in which you must enter all important identifiers. This mask is like the letter up exactly so that you can easily copy the data here.

Additional required settings

  • If you can create an email address with your provider, it defaults to the port identifier. This is also your user name for the portal of the provider. But not for example [email protected] is very convenient, you can specify an alias.
  • In the portal, find a point of "Setting up an e-mail address" or a similar term. Click it and then enter the desired name. Check if this is available and set the address.
  • You can configure your new Internet even without the e-mail address of the Telekom. Especially if you already have an address with another provider and use this as a like Microsoft Outlook software, you should avoid the Telekom address. Then type in the configuration as the user ID simply the number of the line ID, the access number, the Mitbenutzernamen no intervening space a.
  • You can also read out the number of your DSL router. As a customer of Telekom You can do this in the Start Center software. Go here to "Settings" and click "User Management". Then click on the tab "Access Data" and read the number.
  • You can also see the customer Enter this. Log in to with user e-mail address and password. The access number of the Speed ​​ports can be found here on the home page.
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