Conservation - these requirements must be observed in the renovation

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Conservation - these requirements must be observed in the renovation

When buildings are listed buildings, certain requirements have to be considered.

  • It is becoming more fashionable, that someone does not necessarily want to buy a new property, but much prefer to an earlier turn. The views make special embellishments here is very appealing. His self-designed home to present his friends and acquaintances in retrospect, many people enjoy.
  • If you would like to pursue this trend should, however, keep the issue listed in the eye. But that is a historical monument not only the self-purchase of a building there are requirements, this applies in real estate and land which are in the immediate vicinity of the listed buildings and land. So here also particularly careful.
  • It is best to inquire before signing a purchase contract at the relevant registry office, whether such buildings exist in your immediate vicinity. Basically, after the purchase of a property which is a listed building, any structural changes especially in the outdoor area require approval. Here particularly changes to the floor plan, changing the facade or even just a new coat of paint, all that must be approved by listed previously. Furthermore include the installation of new windows, the installation of a new heating or even a planned partial demolition to require the approval of measures.
  • Best of it if you advance already inquire at the Heritage Office, the applicable conditions for your object is. You ask yourself these requests when required as owner and developer. But best of all is the cost of hiring an architect to the details knows these guidelines closely. Also in enforcing an expert has better options than the client itself.
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