consider instructor fee in the tax return - you should note

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consider instructor fee in the tax return - you should note

Trainers commitment is rewarded by exemption.

Trainers package as a generic term

  • The trainer package is the generic term for a form of income, which finds its approach in the tax return. Besides the extra income as a sports coach you can also go for some income from an activity as a lecturer, teacher, nurse or artist asserted.
  • The package allows to provide up to 2,100 euros a year in the tax return as tax-free income. However, it is important that it is not income that are directly related to your main job activity concerned.
  • Moreover, the activity of a public or non-profit organization must be carried out.
  • Another point that actively supports these activities, the relief from social security contributions. Unlike a mini job, the employer must pay any fee for you.

Tax return offers further options

  • Besides the tax exemption up to an income of 2,100 euros a year, you can charge on the trainer package also losses from this activity with other types of income.
  • This means: If the total expenses for the trainers revenue, reduces the remaining loss to other income.
  • However, exceeding the revenue the limit of 2,100 euros per year, fall for you do not necessarily have a tax liability and the payment of social security contributions to. In this case, the employer has the ability to treat beyond payments as a mini job. Only when the current mark of 4,800 euros is exceeded in the year, accesses an equal treatment to other activities.
  • Thus, grab three stages in the income in their tax returns. The trainer package is completely tax-free up to 2,100 euros, 4,800 euros to the mini job control and beyond the normal tax scheme applies.
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