considers gold price in the long term

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considers gold price in the long term

In the long term, gold is a quite attractive investment

Important factors influencing the gold price

To the gold price not only to understand but to draw the right conclusions for an investment, you should know, among other things, the factors influencing the price.

  • Most investors assume that supply and demand are the main factors that affect the price of gold. In fact, making the physical precious metal, so for example, gold bullion and gold coins, only a very small part of the traded gold holdings from.
  • Significantly larger the stocks of so-called paper gold, ie gold, which is only available on paper, such as in the form of certificates or other rights which can be purchased as an investor.
  • Therefore, purchases and sales of these respective rights and investments also have a very large impact on the development of prices for this precious metal. Moreover, political and economic crises act also frequently made on the gold price. In times of crisis, you can often see that the price of gold rises.
  • The value relationship between the US dollar and Euro has for you than living in Germany Investors also affect the price of gold. For as gold is quoted in US dollars, then this country but in euros is converted, fluctuations in the exchange rate US dollar / euro may cause the price trend is slightly different than for example in the United States in this country.

investing capital in the long term, gold is recession-proof

  • That it is the long term almost always profitable to invest in the precious metal gold, among other shows the long-term gold price. If you look at, for example, the price development in the last five years, then you will find that the price of an ounce of gold around five years ago was at 800 dollars, while he is currently at slightly more than 1,200 dollars (end November 2013 ) written down.
  • A significant advantage to bring the system in the long run gold with them, is the inflation protection. Gold is considered as property value system and is therefore not affected by any inflationary tendencies, such as interest-bearing deposits is the case.
  • However, the precious metal can not be used only for long-term investment, but also for short-term speculation. In this case, however, you must remember that such speculation is associated with high risks. For the very short-term price of gold is practically of no experts predict.
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