Consultative leadership style - explains the concept in detail

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Consultative leadership style - explains the concept in detail

Good leadership will strengthen the team. / Pixelio

In the systematization of leadership styles there are two extremes, authoritarian and democratic style. The authoritarian Run is characterized in that a superior complete reflecting solely on problems and makes decisions without consulting his colleagues. The democratic style, however, is characterized in that the supervisor only moderated, the employees have to decide by vote on options. Between them lies the consultative style of directing.

A consultative style and features

  • A consultative management style is characterized by the fact that major decisions will be communicated by the manager or managers. The employees are therefore informed if problem solutions are sought or pending changes.
  • The staff can then express preferences, provide their opinion on the issue and thus influence the executives. However, the manager is not bound by the recommendations of the staff and may ultimately decide.
  • An advantage for the employees, therefore, is that they have the ability to intervene and even to propose something. The supervisor also obtained by good evidence and be placed on solutions that would not have occurred to them by itself.
  • But this style of management decision-making powers leaves ultimately the supervisor, because the price will buy it. He can be based on the opinion of its employees, but does not have, that is, it does not decide in favor of the employee.
  • This is also reflected in the label "consultative" style contrary: the employees are consulted, so asked for advice, but a piece of advice does not follow you.

When is the leadership style sense?

  • The way a manager leads his staff, although can be changed and are also subject to influences of the situation, however, tend supervisors to repeatedly apply the same management styles - a consultative.
  • The more diverse a group composed of employees and more unusual is the task, the authoritarian management style should be. Because the diversity of employees can cause these to develop no consensus with respect to a decision.
  • Even if an issue for employees is relatively new and so little experience, can an executive decisions pretending lead to better results.
  • If groups but already cooperating for some time, then the leadership style should be more democratic. In this case, the employee may be mutually effective and faster to solve these issues without the supervisor must make a decision.
  • A consultative style has characteristics of both extremes, since the employees are involved, but the manager reserves the power to make decisions. Bearing this is therefore suitable in many situations.
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