Content for Dispatcher in the web - Vocational training and income

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Content for Dispatcher in the web - Vocational training and income

Schedules must be controlled.

The trains of Deutsche Bahn is a complex system that needs to be perfectly planned and carried out. Therefore, the specific duties will be widely distributed. But in each of these areas must be someone to take responsibility. If you have the example of a large railway station in mind, you will see that there are countless track systems here that have switched trains and out. Already causes that fact that here people are needed that ensure a smooth process. Therefore, there is the Dispatcher. Its content of course depends on the scope of his duties.

The job description of the Dispatcher web

  • A Dispatcher web is often compared to an air traffic controller. While this is responsible for the smooth flow of air traffic, the Dispatcher is responsible for the perfect flow of rail traffic.
  • He works mainly in a signal box, of which there are in Germany alone 4,500. This is well understood when you consider that a railway network of 34,000 km there. As one of 2,300 Dispatcher he is responsible for all trains that are traveling in his field of work.
  • Since this has to be done around the clock, shift work is a matter of course. Since most interlockings work electronically, a technical understanding should exist. The monitoring of interlocking rod text also one of the areas of responsibility. As Dispatchers must for any disturbances in train traffic can react immediately and take remedial action. Together with the dispatcher in the central interlocking he is responsible for the planning of the railway traffic.

The salary for a Dispatcher

  • Training to Dispatchers track lasts a maximum of three years, but can be shortened with particularly good performance to 2.5 years. You need a good secondary school certificate as a prerequisite.
  • As in many other professions also, so the content is dependent on the scope of duties, the age and work experience. The average salary is about 1,900 euros gross. Depending on the above criteria is possible here to increase up to around 2,900 euros gross. In addition, both leisure and Christmas bonuses will be paid.
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