Convert American pant sizes in German - Here's how

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Convert American pant sizes in German - Here's how

The size conversion is made easy with jeans.

American Hose sizes, and the conversion factor

  • American sizes are usually given in inches. You should know that 1 inch equals 2.54 cm. Of course, it would be easiest if you measure before buying pants Your pants (width and length) in centimeters and then divide by 2.54.
  • Size information is usually indicated with W (Width = width) and L (Length = length). Mostly we also find the information for R Regular Length (normal length) or P for Petite (short size) as an addition to the labels.

To convert in German sizes to

  • The following conversion examples of German women's sizes to help you find the right trouser sizes.
  • At a height of 160 cm corresponds to the inseam 28 inches, 160 to 168 correspond to 30, 168 to 176 correspond to 32 and from 176 cm a stride length of 34 inches.
  • The waists are based largely on the clothing size. So here correspond to size 36/38, for example, 29 inches, 38/40 match 31 inches.
  • The waist size you calculate by measuring with a tape measure at the point of your waist where the trousers ends (the waistband). For the stride length, measure the inside of a pair of pants from crotch to ankles.
  • In the men's clothing sizes you must disconnect from the German size specification only 10th To arrive at the German size 40 to size 30. The German American size 54 corresponds then the American 44th

It is advisable, if you even measure accurately and converted to the equivalent your pants size would.
These measures can also print or write down as little help and put in the wallet. To have them always at hand at the next purchase. For intermediate sizes, use a conversion table.

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