convert images to black and white - how it works with iPhoto

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convert images to black and white - how it works with iPhoto

Black / white images with iPhoto create Claudia Hautumm / Pixelio

produce black / white images with S / W Effect

To quickly convert images to black / white, you can use the effect "B / W".

  1. To do this, first start iPhoto.
  2. Select the left under "Albums" the photo album, in which an image is, you want to convert.
  3. Select the desired image and double click on the image to view the photo in full screen mode.
  4. Then click the bottom left click "Edit" to start the edit mode.
  5. Now click the bottom right of the "Effects" button.
  6. It opens a small window. Click in this top left on "B / W".
  7. Then, the image in black / white is converted. This is indicated in the "S / W button in mind that there is now" a "is. If you would click again on the button that would" one "disappear and the image will reappear in the original colors.
  8. Then, click on the bottom right on "Finish".

use tonal values ​​to convert

With the "S / W" effect Although you can quickly convert images, however, you get better results if you use instead the setting option "Levels".

  1. Run for steps 1 through 4 of the previous manual.
  2. Then click on the bottom right on "Customize".
  3. This opens a new window that displays the color distribution top. Move the "Saturation" slider to the far left. This will give you the same effect as when "S / W" effect. You can then optimize the image even by the "coloring" - easy to move and "temperature" control to the left or right.
  4. Alternatively, you can also use the two controllers that are located below the color distribution and allow you to change and the black point to the white point (right). Drag the sliders in each case unless centers, get to the point, where are displayed in the color distribution, the first eruptions.
  5. Thus, the darkest parts are black on the image and the brightest color white. With the knob in the center, you can edit the image further by moving it either to the left to make the midtones of the image brighter, or slide to the right to darken the image.
  6. Then, click again on the bottom right on "Finish".
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