cook apple jam - Here's spicy

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cook apple jam - Here's spicy

Not only fresh apples are delicious.

Easy recipe for cooking apple jam

  1. Wash and cut the apples. Remove any blemishes and cores.
  2. With water, cook the apples in a large saucepan. The water should cover the apples to a third.
  3. Cook the apples really soft. There is no consistency to mushy as for applesauce, add water and boil it repeatedly.
  4. Let the mass cool slightly.
  5. Weigh or measure it from the liquid apple mass and then calculate the amount of the gelling. Will not you so sweet your apple jam, use jam sugar 3: 1, which means that you use on 3 levels fruit now a lot of sugar.
  6. Stir sugar and apple mixture well together. If it can be seen that the sugar has dissolved well, warm the ground for apple jam again.
  7. Stir now continuously if possible, even if this takes time. On the one hand you the apple jam not burn, on the other hand you recognize when the ground begins to boil.
  8. Let cook the apple jam as long as the manufacturer recommends the sugar.
  9. Fill the hot apple jam into the jars, clean the rim and close it with the lid.
  10. Then turn the jars upside down and let it cool like that.

Recipe for spicy apple jams

  • Simply can be refined apple jam, if you add a few spices when cooking the apples. Christmas flavors such as cinnamon and coconut or lemon and orange peel taste great.
  • With a dash of liqueur according to your personal taste your apple jam gets a special touch. Just make sure that not nibble so many children it, though the alcohol evaporates in large part in cooking, the flavor but will remain in any case.
  • Mix while cooking your apples with other fruits, just the fact that these fruits are nice and juicy and have no more solid constituents and have a strong taste of its own attention.
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