Copy Gilmore Girls-style - so you dress like a Gilmore Girls

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Copy Gilmore Girls-style - so you dress like a Gilmore Girls

Both Gilmore Girls serve many women as style icons.

Gilmore Girls-style - so you will Lorelai

Lorelai is the casual, single mother who love wearing female clothing. Her style can be copied to foolproof.

  1. Lorelai, played by Lauren Graham, often slips into babydolls. These playful tops wearing Lorelai happy with Blümchen- or other patterns. Sweet Baby Dolls For example, here at C & A. When buying it, that the cut is suitably cut, so you can avoid carrying undershirt.
  2. Matching the female babydolls, combined Lorelai high boots. This keeps them mostly in shades of brown. This casual footwear wears Lauren Graham, quite the Gilmore Girls-style, with a conventional blue jeans.
  3. For Gilmore Girls style of Lorelai often includes shirts. These are usually karriert. It often involves a man's shirt. So if you want to buy a similar shirt, do not be timid and take also take a look in the men's division.
  4. When Lorelai is wearing a dress, then this is a babydoll. This means that the dress has a beautiful, feminine neckline, but then conceals the abdomen. Also this garment can be found at C & A.
  5. If you on your shopping search, for the right-Gilmore Girls Style, despair, you might the website Lauren Graham Fashion Style can help.
  6. You only need to select the 'Gilmore Girls Where column "and you will see the clothes of Lorelai in each episode and also still the designer.

To copy the style of Rory

  • The baby of the family is dressed as a typical small-town girl. Nevertheless, one sees that Rory is quite style-conscious. Influence on their style also has her student life.
  • Rory wears on the show many basics. So if you want to copy the Gilmore Girls style of Rory, you should use normal Basic tops.
  • Frequently Rory combines the tops, like her mother, with a normal blue jeans. Sometimes Rory wears but also a rock.
  • Orientations for the Gilmore Girls style of Rory, see this website Gilmore Girls Costumes. Here significant outfits of the women are picked up and displayed, allowing you to buy more this.
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