Corncobs without much calories cook - a recipe

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Corncobs without much calories cook - a recipe

Corncobs you can prepare easily in calories.

Preparing Grilled corn cobs calories - how it works

  1. If the corn cobs not be cooked, enter it with a half liters of water and a pinch of salt and sugar in a saucepan. Heat the water and let it cook in the corn until it is cooked. This takes about 20 to 25 minutes. Take the corn then from the pot.
  2. Halve the chilli and remove the bitter-tasting seeds and stem. Then chop the pepper sharp small.
  3. Rub the bowl of washed lime from finely. then pressing out the fruit and start their juice on. Chop now some leaves coriander small.
  4. Enter two tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl, add the lime juice, coriander, a pinch of salt, pepper and the chopped chilli and mix all ingredients. Finish is a tasty blend of spices for your corn on the cob.
  5. Underline the corn now with the spice mixture and grill the piston on your grill until they get an appetizing color.

If you want, you can do serve low calorie butter and salt.

More recipes with corn on the cob and few calories

  • Mince a corn cob in three or four pieces. This works best with a knife. Skewer them corn pieces alternating with a bay leaf on a skewer made of wood or metal. Finally, season the skewers to taste and cook them on the grill.
  • Especially in winter is not necessarily often grilled. Therefore cooking the corn cobs in lightly salted water and serve it with some low fat butter and salt. A homemade low-calorie yoghurt dip with garlic taste to corn outstanding.
  • Would you like to use a canned corn, you can trigger the grains of even cooked corn on the cob with a fork. This allows you to, for example spice up a salad with low-calorie.

Good Appetite!

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